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What We Buy

Credit Card Debt/Direct Deposit Accounts

Since 1990, Americans have added more than $7,000 to the average credit card debt load while saving less. When they fall behind, creditors are left holding huge debts on their balance sheets.

To keep credit flowing into the economy, banks and credit card merchant companies−from Bank of America, to department stores like Neiman Marcus and everything in between−sell their direct deposit accounts, consumer loans, and issued credit card debt to management firms like Security Credit Services.

Charged-off credit card debt increased more than 70 percent in 2008. Security Credit Services seeks to buy low-risk, high-return debt portfolios. Our team of experts carefully analyzes each debt portfolio, reviewing more than 180 data points to help determine the correct purchase price to achieve our internal rate of return objectives. Our team has successfully purchased delinquent debt portfolios for just pennies on the dollar. We see this trend continuing.

Corporate Headquarters


2653 West Oxford Loop, Suite 108
Oxford, MS 38655


Phone: 866-699-7889


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